Our Story

AidVita is a promise of a pure, holistic lifestyle. Founded in 2022 by the vision of VB Groups., we are a 100% vegetarian and cruelty-free brand.

We use ethically sourced ingredients and operate in different vertical Wellness, Personal Care, and Cold-Pressed Edible Oils. Being a fitness enthusiast and having a penchant for the category, AidVita decided to step into the nutraceutical world. Meanwhile, Aidvita also promotes us because of our ethical practices and the values we share of sustainable living.

We aim to educate and guide our consumers to unlock their potential and reprogram their lives to be their absolute best with our supplements and expert consultation. AidVita has been on a mission to bridge the nutritional gap by adopting nature in its purest form and making health and holistic wellness accessible across the globe.

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